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Currently populating the database with photos and information I have in other formats.  Over 635 records entered; about two thousand to go!  I started at the bottom of the alphabet.  Lamps manufactured by Zerbini to Phil-Mar have been entered.  Unknown lamps with subject matter of "Woman" to "Panther" have also been entered.  I'm uncertain how long it's going to take to get everything uploaded...check back periodically.


TVlampsinfo.com was created and is maintained out of appreciation for TV lamps as an art form.  The goal is to capture as many different examples of TV lamps as possible and to provide basic information about them.  Some historic pricing data is also included.


Thank you to Mark Stevens, an early TV lamp collector, for his pioneering work compiling and publishing the information in TVLamps.net.  That website remains the premier source of reliable information on the subject.

Adding Photos and Documentation

Feel free to send me TV lamp photos you wish to share on this website.  I’ll accept any size and format.  Obviously I'm interested in a “front” view, a “reverse or back” view, and a view documenting the lamp’s manufacturer.  If the color in a photo isn’t exactly right, tell me how to improve it and I'll attempt the correction.  Similarly, if you have information associated with a lamp in the database, please send it along to steve@mid-centurian.com.

 Limitations and Disclaimers

1) It is possible that copyrighted images may be inadvertently included in the database.  I hope the owner will allow use of the image and contribute to the collective knowledge of the website, but if the owner wishes to have an image removed, contact me.
2) Lamp color may not be accurately reproduced in photos.  Photos are received in a broad range of quality and are enhanced to the best of my ability and judgment.  Front, back, and ID images may not come from the same lamp.  Feel free to share higher quality, better images with me.
3) Lamps may be misidentified as to manufacturer.  If a user has manufacturer information please share it.
4) Not all historic selling prices are captured; the prices that are included represent one measure of the market value of a lamp.  Prices included in the database are for lamps described by the owner as in nearly new or excellent condition, free of damage, and not missing pieces.
5) There is a blurry line between “TV lamps" and others such as small table lamps and boudoir lamps.  Obviously lamps manufactured before widespread use of television are not TV lamps in the strictest sense.  Likewise, there are modern or recently made lamps on the market. I reserve the right to make the call by including or excluding particular items.

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